Pentaho brings a revolutionary solution to the ETL problem with “one place coding-run anywhere" approach and Spark integration. If you wish you can run your developed ETL codes in Pentaho's own engine or on Spark.
It's much easier to both develop and manage the data conversion process with ETL processes organized in a graphical interface and workflow logic.
Pentaho, one of Hitachi Vantara's BI solutions, has completed our end-to-end solution portfolio in business intelligence, big data and Data Warehouse.

You can easily integrate all data types in your own power.
With the graphical interface you can create data streams much more easily.
You can effectively coordinate and combine data conversions.
You can integrate data without the need of coding or programming knowledge.
With the help of visual big data integration tools, you can eliminate coding needs.
You can easily switch between Apache, Spark and Pentaho engines.
You can have powerful support fo Hadoop distributions, Spark and NoSQL.

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