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MongoDB, with its document-based data model, is a next-generation database with a flexible architecture, its scalable and high-availability features designed for modern application development needs. MongoDB’s architectural and licensing approach is a far superior alternative to high-cost relational database technologies designed to meet the needs of customers 40 years ago and that are difficult to meet the current needs of customers.

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced

Technical Support

MongoDB's global support services are available 24 hours x 365 days a year. It also includes emergency security patch service.

Advanced Security

MongoDB Enterprise Advanced allows you to use Kerberos and LDAP authentication methods, integrating features such as data encryption and historical security control into the database.

Easy Administration

Ops Manager console with graphical interface provides convenient operation. With MongoDB Compass, you do not have to use the MongoDB query language, so you can easily manage the data thanks to the graphical interface provided.

MongoDB provides a flexible data model

MongoDB’s document-based data model works seamlessly with the architectural object-oriented application development language. Database modeling is self-shaping according to application needs. It does not make any extra effort to model the database on this. You do not need to manage tables in the database for data types or new fields.
Documents are independent units from each other. The data associated with each other are read at the same time. The performance of MongoDB is much better than the relational databases that need to be combined with many table join operations. The data stored in one document rather than many tables is easily distributed to different servers according to today’s high availability requirements.
Developing applications with MongoDB is much easier. The document-based data model is in harmony with the class structure of object-oriented programming languages. Object-to-relational mapping is not required in MongoDB which is needed for relational databases.

MongoDB is scalable

Thanks to its modern design, your MongoDB database can easily grow on standard hardware as needed. With the sharding feature you can easily convert MongoDB replica sets into an infrastructure consisting of thousands of servers, you can easily add new servers to this structure without any interruption.
You do not need any additional tools or extra investment for the sharding feature provided by MongoDB.

MongoDB is sustainable

Unlike the relational databases designed 40 years ago, MongoDB has been developed with the principle of high availability and sustainability. With the replica set feature, the data can be automatically copied from the primary servers to the secondary servers. Any stopping activity on the primary or secondary servers in a replica set is not affected. Users do not even notice the malfunction of the system.

You can perform maintenance and version updates on the system without any interruption. Replica set members can be maintained at different times or version upgrades can be done individually. The modern design of MongoDB offers facilities to prevent interruptions caused by database maintenance.

MongoDB is fast

With the joinless data model, the data is kept in the same location on the disk. Thus, updates and reads are much faster than relational databases. Thanks to its in-memory processing capability, MongoDB is perfect for high-performance applications.

MongoDB is ACID compatible

MongoDB 4.0 provides multi-document ACID functionality which is available for the single document only before 4.0 version. Thus, MongoDB literally meets all the features expected from a general purpose database, including financial transactions.

Why choose MongoDB Enterprise Advanced?

More than 1000 organizations worldwide are currently using MongoDB Enterprise Advanced Edition to provide enterprise security to their critical applications. You can also have powerful MongoDB support, management platform, enterprise security and audit components, certification and other features with MongoDB Enterprise Advanced license.