Meet the world's fastest analytical database Exasol

Accelerate your business intelligence and data warehouse/reporting systems with the world's fastest “in-memory" database.
Exasol is a relational SQL-based database with in-memory design principle. With scalable architecture, Exasol provides solutions to performance problems of analytical applications that can store Terabytes of data on only one server to hundreds of servers.
Exasol is aligned with your organization’s Data Warehouse and IT infrastructure needs with the MPP infrastructure, automated database management features, its cost-effectiveness and record performance in TPC-H test results.
Exasol provides access to all SQL based reporting tools. At the same time, thanks to its flexible design, you can run R, JAVA, LUA, PYTHON programs in the database by taking advantage of Exasol's parallel processing and in-memory engine power.
As your data grows, you do not have to endure the high costs of traditional relational databases.

Speed up your projects with Exasol

Designed for easy to use, open systems architecture, Exasol enables you to carry your analytical projects to a high-performance infrastructure quick and easy. For more information about Exasol, please contact contact us by mailing to

Exasol Community Edition

The free single-node edition for commercial and private/academic use up to 200 GB of raw data and only community support.
Provided as VM (.ova) or ISO image.
Exasol Community Edition V6.0 (Advanced)

Exasol One

Licensed version to manage up to 1TB raw data on a single node with  technical support service.

Exasol Enterprise Cluster

Multi node installation supports advanced analytics features (UDF, Python, R, JAVA, Lua, Pluggable Language Support, Geospatial, Skyline, Virtual Schema, Advanced Import).

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