Tableau Consulting Service Packages

On-the-job Training Package: This service includes installation, configuration and consultancy that we ensure your seamless adaptation to Tableau. The scope and intensity of use of our service can be flexible according to your needs. Duration: It is offered for a period of 10 days, at least 1 full day, and at most 3 months.

TABLEAU Performance Evaluation and Optimization: Report designs and Tableau Server configuration are analyzed, performance problems are identified and solutions are offered. Duration: At least 1 day, additional days can be suggested according to the number of reports.

TABLEAU Server Health-check: Reports, data sets, log files, general resource use cases in the Tableau Server environment are analyzed and solutions are offered for the detected problems. Duration: At least 2 days

TABLEAU Server Maintenance: Reports, datasets, number of users, etc., in the Tableau Server environment, configuration controls are performed and solutions are detected for the problems detected. Duration: At least 1 day

TABLEAU VizAlerts Configuration: It is possible to automatically send Tableau reports to users who do not have a Tableau Server license in the format you want on a regular basis. VizAlerts is the implementation of the configuration within the scope of the needs. Duration: At least 3 days, Tableau Server update setup included.

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