Data Warehouse Scope Study

What do you need?

Which tools should be used?

How should the road map be?

It is critical for organizations that these questions have proper answers at the start of a Data Warehouse project. In the Data Warehouse Scope Study we are conducting needs analysis for the purpose of finding these answers in the following headings.
Prioritizing business needs in accordance with the organization’s strategies
Determination of project duration and phasing
Estimated project budget determination
Identification of technical components
Defining project roles


In the Data Warehouse Scope Study, we first determine the necessary road map for establishment of a reporting and analysis environment that meets the organization's strategic business goals.
We are undertaking the following activities towards this goal:
Identifying and prioritizing the business needs of Data Warehouse and organizing workshops with strategic decision makers and business users
Prioritization of needs within the framework of company strategies
Examination of data infrastructure and information systems
Preparing the Data Warehouse application roadmap

The duration of our service varies according to the needs and company size and is expected to be completed within 1-2 weeks.

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