Data Warehouse Assessment

Are the users receiving the Data Warehouse query results too slow?
Can Data Warehouse catch the day?
Do the data loads finish on time?
Does weekly data upload fail to meet business needs?
Do users prefer to keep data in Excel?
Is there a problem with your Data Warehouse?

Many Data Warehouse applications encounter similar problems over time. Data Warehouse users complain about problems in their daily lives such as the fact that the application does not adequately respond to the needs, the data loading can not be completed at the scheduled time, the changes take too long or are impossible, and the restrictions on the business users due to insufficient query performance.


Kara Consultancy recommends the Data Warehouse Assessment Consultancy Service to examine the problems experienced in your existing Data Warehouse application and to determine the precautions necessary to resolve these problems.
Meetings with business users
Data Warehouse performance and content expectations
Technological infrastructure analysis
Data Warehouse architecture
Evaluation of ETL processes
IT infrastructure general review
Preparation of Data Warehouse review result document

In Data Warehouse Assessment projects, it is estimated that our service will take 1 to 2 weeks depending on the size of your company and application.

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